sip-dig(1) Resolve SIP URIs.


sip-dig [OPTIONS] uri...


The sip-dig utility resolves SIP URIs as described in RFC 3263. It queries NAPTR, SRV and A/AAAA records and prints out the resulting transport addresses.

The default transports are: UDP, TCP, SCTP, TLS and TLS-SCTP. The SIPS URIs are resolved using only TLS transports, TLS and TLS-SCTP. If not otherwise indicated by NAPTR or SRV records, the sip-dig uses UDP and TCP as transports for SIP and TLS for SIPS URIs.

The results are printed intended, with a preference followed by weight, then protocol name, port number and IP address in numeric format.

Command Line Options

The sip-dig utility accepts following command line options:

-p protoname
Use named transport protocol. The protoname can be either well-known, e.g., 'udp', or it can specify NAPTR service and SRV identifier, e.g., 'tls-udp/SIPS+D2U/_sips._udp.'.
Use UDP transport protocol.
Use TCP transport protocol.
Use TLS over TCP transport protocol.
Use SCTP transport protocol.
Use TLS over SCTP transport protocol.
Ignore SCTP or TLS-SCTP records in the list of default transports. This option has no effect if transport protocols has been explicitly listed.
Query IP4 addresses (A records)
Query IP6 addresses (AAAA records).
Be verbatim.

Return Codes

0when successful (a 2XX-series response is received) 1when unsuccessful (a 3XX..6XX-series response is received) 2initialization failure


Resolve, prefer TLS over TCP, TCP over UDP:

$ sip-dig --tls --tcp --udp
 1 0.333 tls 5061
 2 0.333 tcp 5060
 3 0.333 udp 5060

Resolve with TLS over SCTP (TLS-SCTP) and TLS:

$ sip-dig -p tls-sctp --tls
 1 0.500 tls-udp 5061
 2 0.500 tls 5061



Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to [email protected].


Written by Pekka Pessi <pekka -dot pessi -at- nokia -dot- com>


Copyright (C) 2006 Nokia Corporation.

This program is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.