sipomatic(1) SIP auto-responder from the linphone project.


sipomatic [-u] <sip-url> [-f] <annouce-file> [-s] <send-port>

sipomatic -v
sipomatic --version

sipomatic -h
sipomatic --help


Sipomatic is primilarly a test tool for linphone. It waits for incoming sip calls, and answer to them by playing a wav sound file on disk. The sended stream is encoded using the preferred codec of the calling sip-phone.
The default address of sipomatic is <sip:r[email protected]:5064> It can be overriden with the -u option.
The default annouce file 'hello.wav' can be overriden with the -f option.
If you attempt to run several sipomatic on the same machine, then you will require the -s option to specify explicitely the UDP port used by sipomatic to send its SIP messages.


-u <url>
Set the sip url sipomatic listens to. The host part of address MUST always be a numerical ip address. The default url is sip:[email protected]:5064 .
-f <annouce-file>
Specifies a 8000Hz 16 bits wav file to be played to the calling users. Default is usually /usr/share/sounds/linphone/hello.wav.
-s <send-port>
Specifies explicitely the udp port number to be used to send SIP messages.
--version Output version information and exits.
--help Output help information and exits.


This is the file that sipomatic plays by default to the calling phones. The format of this file is a 8000 Hz 16 bit wav file.


Specifies the address sipomatic listens to. By default it is <sip:[email protected]:5064> .



Simon MORLAT <[email protected]>