Skanlite(1) KDE 4 image scanning program based on KSane


skanlite [-d<device>]


This manual page documents briefly the skanlite command.

Skanlite is a program that allows easy image scanning through a GUI.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see skanlite --help-all
-d <device>
Pass the name of the scanner (as given by SANE) which should be used to Skanlite.
Show a short summary of options.
Show all options.
-v, --version
Show version of program.


Skanlite was written by Kåre Särs <[email protected]> and Arseniy Lartsev <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Kai Wasserbäch <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).