slack-diff(1) compare file contents, modes, etc


slack-diff [OPTION]... FILE1 FILE2


A wrapper for diff that displays file modes and other metadata changes.
-u -U NUM --unified[=NUM]
Tell diff(1) to use unified output format.
--diff PROG
Use this program for diffing, instead of diff.
Make a fake diff for file modes and other things that are not file contents. Default is on, can be disabled with --nofakediff.
-r --recursive
Recursively compare any subdirectories found.
-N --new-file
Treat missing files as empty. Default is on, can be disabled with --nonew-file.
Treat only missing files in the first directory as empty.
Treat arguments as a list of files from which to read filenames to compare, two lines at a time.
-0 --null
Use NULLs instead of newlines as the separator in --from-file mode.
You have a version of diff that can't deal with -N when not in recursive mode, so we need to feed it /dev/null instead of the missing file. Default is on, can be disabled with --nodevnullhack.

Output version info.
Output this help.

FILES are `FILE1 FILE2' or `DIR1 DIR2' or `DIR FILE...' or `FILE... DIR'. If --from-file or --to-file is given, there are no restrictions on FILES. If a FILE is `-', read standard input.