slimrat(8) Command-line utility for downloading files




  Command-line download manager, capable of downloading files from
  several free download providers.


slimrat [OPTION...] [LINK]...


  Prints a summary how to use the client.
  Prints a manual how to use the client.
  Makes slimrat work in the background, by properly forking and redirecting
  the output to a specified logfile. Only one file can be backgrounded at a
  time, to support multiple instances you'll need to specify differend
  state files to save the instances PID in.
  Kills a single active client, by looking up the PID in a predefined state file.
  Uses the given file as a queue-file containing URLs.
  Do not download the loaded URLs, just check them.
  Specifies the target directory for the downloaded files.
  Makes the download client bind to a specific address.
  Load custom configuration file.
  Enables maximal verbosity, which includes a lot of text on the screen and the generation
  of an additional dump archive.
  WARNING: do not use this option by default, as it keeps a whole lot of extra information
           in memory (including _all_ downloaded items).
  Makes slimrat less verbose, only displaying errors and warnings.


  slimrat -l urls.dat -d


PA┬░Xemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com> Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>