smd-client(1) receives diffs and performs actions


smd-client [-v|--verbose] [-d|--dry-run] [-t|--translator]
[-l|--local-sync] [--rename-only]
[--override-db dbf] endpoint mailboxes


smd-client needs to know a name (endpoint) for the client (that must not be used by others) and a list of mailboxes (directories).

smd-client waits on stdin a mail dir diff. It attempts to execute these actions, eventually asking data printing commands on stdout and expecting the data on stdin.


-t --translator
Specify a program to translate remote mailbox names to local ones. Note that the translator 'cat' (the identity program) is optimized away
-l --local-sync
Local synchronization, no changes is made to the db-file since smd-server takes care of it
Do not synchronize the mailboxes but generate the script '~/' to uniform the files names in the mailbox
--override-db dbf
Use dbf as the db-file
-v --verbose
Increase program verbosity (printed on stderr)
-d --dry-run
Do not perform any action for real


smd-client is a low level utility. You should use higher level tools like smd-pull(1) and smd-push(1)


Enrico Tassi <[email protected]>