smlnj(7) an implementation of the Standard ML language with supporting tools and libraries.


Compiled programs in the SML/NJ system are represented using a pair of the runtime system executable and a heap image file. Heap images have a filename suffix that is based on the architecture and operating system.


The Standard ML of New Jersey system was originally created by Andrew Appel and David MacQueen in 1987. Many people have contributed to the project over the years. These include (but are not limited to) Lars Bergstrom, Matthias Blume, Emden Gansner, Lal George, Lorenz Huelsbergen, George Kuan, Christopher League, Allen Leung, Stefan Monnier, Riccardo Pucella, Mike Rainey, Jon Riehl, John Reppy, Bratin Saha, Zhong Shao, David Tarditti, Andrew Tolmach, Valery Trifonov, Aaron Turon. The system is currently maintained by David MacQueen and John Reppy.


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