Smokeping::Examples(3) A module for generating the smokeping_examples document


This module generates smokeping_examples and the example configuration files distributed with Smokeping. It is supposed to be invoked from the smokeping distribution top directory, as it will need the "etc/config.dist" template configuration file and will create files in the directories "doc" and "doc/examples".


The entry point to the module is the "make" subroutine. It takes one optional parameter, "check", that makes the module run a syntax check for all the created example configuration files.


This module uses more or less internal functions from It's a separate module only because the latter is much too big already.

It should be possible to include POD markup in the configuration explanations and have this module filter them away for the config files.

It might be nice for the probe module authors to be able to provide an example configuration as part of the probe module instead of having to modify Smokeping::Examples too.


Copyright 2005 by Niko Tyni.


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Niko Tyni <[email protected]>