smpirun(1) Allow the configuration and the execution of MPI programs with simgrid and SMPI


smpirun [OPTIONS]… -platform <platform.xml> -hostfile <hostfile> program [PROGRAM-OPTIONS]…


smpirun provides an easy way to run programs linked to simgrid and using SMPI. It sets some default values, and generate a deployment file using the mandatory arguments -platform and -hostfile.
-platform <platform.xml>
XML file describing the platform on which we want to deploy the program
-hostfile, -machinefile <hostfile>
Hostfile listing all the machines in use


Configuration options

The configuration of the simulation can be tweaked using --cfg=parameter:value. Refer to to know what are the different possibilities.

Other options

Print the usage and a résumé of the available options
Do not remove the generated files after execution.
-wrapper <command>
Use command to run the program (e.g. "valgrind", "gdb --args", "rr record"). You usually want to use the "-foreground" option as well in order to have a TTY.
Run the child process in the foreground. This gives the child process access to the TTY.
Display the machine on which each process rank is mapped.
-np <numprocs>
Use that amount of processes. By default, there is the same number of processes as there are of hosts in the hostfile.
Equivalent to –cfg=tracing:yes –cfg=tracing/smpi:yes, activate the trace mecanism if available.
Activate time independant tracing.
-trace-comment <comment>
Put a comment on the top of the trace file.
-trace-comment-file <file>
Insert the content of the file at the head of the trace file as a comment.
Group MPI processes by location.
Trace resource utilization.
Generate configuration for Viva's GraphView.
-trace-file <tracefile>
Name of the tracefile


The SimGrid team ([email protected])


Copyright (c) 2014. The SimGrid Team. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of GNU LGPL (v2.1) license.