smuxi-frontend-stfl(1) terminal frontend for Smuxi chat client


smuxi-frontend-stfl [-dlh ] [-e engine ]


smuxi-frontend-stfl is a terminal frontend for the Smuxi chat client, powered by the STFL library. It can operate standalone or attached to a remote Smuxi engine.

The options are as follows:

-d , --debug
Turn on debugging. Debug logs are sent to $XDG_DATA_HOME/smuxi/smuxi-frontend-stfl.log , and older logs are moved to the date of usage.
-h , --help
Show the arguments Smuxi takes.
-l , --list-engines
List the available engines Smuxi can connect to.
-e engine , --engine = engine
Connect to a remote engine.


The keyboards are similar to that of irssi and similar clients. Note that some terminal control characters (like C-c, C-z, etc) are not intercepted. Common line editing keys that work in graphical applications will also work. In the following examples, C-x means Control-x.

complete nickname
PageUp move up the scrollback
move down the scrollback
C-p , C-PageUp previous window
C-n , C-PageDown
next window
jump to the previous word
jump to the next word
delete word
exit frontend


Like most IRC clients, Smuxi uses commands prefixed with "/", and most use the same commands, also including its own set of commands for the client and engine. In the following examples, the "/" prefix is not included.

Exit the Smuxi frontend gracefully.
window close
Closes the current window.
window number
Goes to the window with that number.
connect protocol protocol-parameters
Connects to the server with the given protocol.
connect network
Connects to the preset network.
disconnect server
Disconnects from server. If no parameter is passed, then the server associated with the current window will be disconnected.
config list
Lists the configuration options.
config get key
Get the configuration key's value.
config set key = value
Set the configuration key's value.
Shuts down the current engine.


smuxi debug log
smuxi local engine config
smuxi frontend configuration and remote engine list


Smuxi, including this frontend, was written by Mirco Bauer. Contributions to this frontend were also made by Ondřej Hošek and Andrius Bentkus.

This manpage was written by Calvin Buckley.