smuxi-message-buffer(1) converts and dumps Smuxi chat history


smuxi-message-buffer [-dh ] convert [--source-format = format ] [--destination-format = format ] source-file destination-file
smuxi-message-buffer [-dh ] cat [--format = format ] source-file


smuxi-message-buffer is a tool that manages the databases that Smuxi holds chat histories in. Currently, it can convert and dump databases.

Similar to commands like git(1) , smuxi-message-buffer takes a command as the first parameter. These commands can be cat (dumps a JSON representation of the database to standard output) or convert. (changes the database from one format to another) Note that the destination file can be set to "-" or empty in the case of convert, in which case it will export to stdout.

The following options can be used. Some options will depend on what command you're using.

-d , --debug
Turn on debugging. Debug logs are outputted on the console.
-h , --help
Show the arguments Smuxi takes.
--source-format = format
--format = format
Manually specify a source format. Options include auto (figured out via filename), db4o, and sqlite.
--destination-format = format
Manually specify a source destination, if converting. Options include auto (figured out via filename), db4o, and sqlite.


Smuxi, including this tool, was written by Mirco Bauer.

This manpage was written by Calvin Buckley.