SNMP::Info::CiscoAgg(3) SNMP Interface to Cisco Aggregated Links


SNMP::Info Developers


# Let SNMP::Info determine the correct subclass for you.
my $info = new SNMP::Info(
AutoSpecify => 1,
Debug => 1,
DestHost => 'myrouter',
Community => 'public',
Version => 2
or die "Can't connect to DestHost.\n";
my $class = $info->class();
print "SNMP::Info determined this device to fall under subclass : $class\n";


This class provides access to Aggregated Links configuration on Cisco devices. It combines Cisco PAgP and IEEE 802.3ad information.

Use or create in a subclass of SNMP::Info. Do not use directly.

Inherited Classes


Required MIBs


MIBs can be found at


Returns a HASH reference mapping from slave to master port for each member of a port bundle on the device. Keys are ifIndex of the slave ports, Values are ifIndex of the corresponding master ports.
Implements the PAgP LAG info retrieval. Merged into "agg_ports" data automatically.