SOAP::WSDL::SOAP::Typelib::Fault11(3) SOAP 1.1 Fault class


Models a SOAP 1.1 Fault.

SOAP::WSDL::SOAP::Typelib::Fault11 objects are false in boolean context and serialize to XML on stringification.

This means you can do something like:

 my $soap = SOAP::WSDL::Client->new();
 # ...
 my $result = $soap->call($method, $data);
 if (not $result) {
     die "Error calling SOAP method: ", $result->get_faultstring();


get_faultcode / set_faultcode

Getter/setter for object's faultcode property.

get_faultstring / set_faultstring

Getter/setter for object's faultstring property.

get_faultactor / set_faultactor

Getter/setter for object's faultactor property.

get_detail / set_detail

Getter/setter for detail object's detail property.

The detail element is a SOAP::WSDL::SOAP::Typelib::Fault11Detail object. This class is automatically loaded when using SOAP::WSDL::SOAP::Typelib::Fault11, so you can't use it separately.

Any string or object not of this class will be automatically wrapped into a detail object.

Note that passing a list of detail object is currently not supported (though the SOAP1.1 note allows this).


Copyright 2007 Martin Kutter. All rights reserved.

This file is part of SOAP-WSDL. You may distribute/modify it under the same terms as perl itself


Martin Kutter <martin.kutter>


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