socket_recv6(3) receive a UDP datagram


#include <socket.h>

ssize_t socket_recv6(int s, char* buf, size_t len,
        char ip[16], uint16* port, uint32* scope_id);


socket_recv6 receives up to len bytes starting at buf from a UDP datagram coming in on the socket s. It writes the UDP port to port and the IP address to ip, and returns the number of bytes actually received (or -1 if anything went wrong).

For link-local addresses, scope_id will become the network interface number, which can be translated into the name of the interface ("eth0") with socket_getifname.


socket_recv6 returns the number of bytes in the datagram if one was received. If not, it returns -1 and sets errno appropriately.


  #include <socket.h>

  int s;
  char ip[16];
  uint16 p;
  char buf[1000];
  int len;
  uint32 scope_id;

  s = socket_tcp4();
  len = socket_recv6(s,buf,sizeof(buf),ip,&p,&scope_id);