socklog-check(8) checks for the availability of a socklog(8) service.


socklog-check [-v] [unix [address]]


socklog-check attempts to connect to a socklog(8) unix service and reports whether the connection attempt succeeded or not.

It connects to the datagram oriented unix domain socket address, and reports success through the return code. If address is not specified, socklog-check attempts to connect to /dev/log.

When running services that use the syslog facility under runit's service supervision, socklog-check should be added to the top of the service's run script to ensure that no syslog messages are generated until a syslog service is up and running to process the messages, e.g.:

 socklog-check || exit 1
 exec service_using_syslog 


verbose. Print verbose message to standard error.


On success socklog-check returns 0.

On error, socklog-check prints a message to standard error and exits 111.


Gerrit Pape <[email protected]>