SoContextHandler(3) The SoContextHandler class is for now to be treated as an internal class.


#include <Inventor/misc/SoContextHandler.h>

Public Types

typedef void ContextDestructionCB (uint32_t contextid, void *userdata)

Static Public Member Functions

static void destructingContext (uint32_t contextid)

static void addContextDestructionCallback (ContextDestructionCB *func, void *closure)

static void removeContextDestructionCallback (ContextDestructionCB *func, void *closure)

Detailed Description

The SoContextHandler class is for now to be treated as an internal class.


Coin 2.0

Member Function Documentation

void SoContextHandler::destructingContext (uint32_tcontextid) [static]

This method must be called by client code which destructs a context, to guarantee that there are no memory leaks upon context destruction.

This will take care of correctly freeing context-bound resources, like OpenGL texture objects and display lists.

Before calling this function, the context must be made current.

Note that if you are using one of the standard GUI-binding libraries from Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, this is taken care of automatically for contexts for canvases set up by SoQt, SoWin, etc.

void SoContextHandler::addContextDestructionCallback (ContextDestructionCB *func, void *closure) [static]

Add a callback which will be called every time a GL context is destructed. The callback should delete all GL resources tied to that context.

All nodes/classes that allocate GL resources should set up a callback like this. Add the callback in the constructor of the node/class, and remove it in the destructor.

See also:


void SoContextHandler::removeContextDestructionCallback (ContextDestructionCB *func, void *closure) [static]

Remove a context destruction callback.

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