soldout(3) markdown parser library


The library only performs the parsing of markdown input, the construction of the output is left to a renderer, which is a set of callback functions called when markdown elements are encountered. Pointers to these functions are gathered into a Vt struct mkd_renderer along with some renderer-related data.

Basic usage will be:

  1. Create output, input buffers by Fn bufnew function.
  2. Fill input buffer by Fn bufput function.
  3. Create Vt struct mkd_renderer or use provided renderer.
  4. Call Fn markdown function.
  5. Process output buffer.
  6. Call Fn bufrelease function to clean up buffers.


Simple example that uses first argument as a markdown string, converts it to an HTML and outputs it to stdout.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <buffer.h>
#include <markdown.h>
#include <renderers.h>
#define INPUT_UNIT  1024
#define OUTPUT_UNIT 64
main(int argc, char *argv[])
  struct buf *ib, *ob;
  /* Make sure we have enough arguments. */
  if (argc != 2) {
    return 1;
  ib = bufnew(INPUT_UNIT);
  ob = bufnew(OUTPUT_UNIT);
  /* bufputs() is a wrapper over bufput() for NUL-terminated string. */
  bufputs(ib, argv[1]);
  markdown(ob, ib, &mkd_html);
  /* Note the resulted data is not NUL-terminated string;
   * to make it use bufnullterm(). */
  printf("%.*s", (int)ob->size, ob->data);
  return 0;


An -nosplit The library was written by An Natasha Qo Kerensikova Qc Porte Aq Mt [email protected] . Manual page was originally written by An Massimo Manghi Aq Mt [email protected] , and rewritten to mdoc format by An Svyatoslav Mishyn Aq Mt [email protected] .