SoLightPath(3) The SoLightPath class is a light version of SoPath.


#include <Inventor/misc/SoLightPath.h>

Public Member Functions

SoLightPath (SoNode *node, const int approxlength)

SoLightPath (const int approxlength)

~SoLightPath ()

void setHead (SoNode *const node)

void append (const int childindex)

void push (const int childindex)

void pop (void)

void setTail (const int childindex)

SoNode * getTail (void) const

SoNode * getHead (void) const

SoNode * getNode (const int index) const

int getIndex (const int index) const

int getFullLength () const

void truncate (const int startindex)

void makeTempPath (SoTempPath *path) const

Detailed Description

The SoLightPath class is a light version of SoPath.

SoLightPath can be used if you only need a temporary path, and don't want the overhead that comes with an SoPath (ref, unref, auditing etc).

It is your responsibility to make sure the path is valid before using it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoLightPath::SoLightPath (SoNode *headnodeptr, const intapproxlength)

A constructor. Supply the head node and the approximate length of the path.

SoLightPath::SoLightPath (const intapproxlength)

A constructor. Supply the appriximate length of the path.

SoLightPath::~SoLightPath ()


Member Function Documentation

void SoLightPath::setHead (SoNode *constnode)

Sets head of path. Truncates path to length 1.

void SoLightPath::append (const intchildindex)

Appends a childindex to the path.

void SoLightPath::push (const intchildindex)

Same as append().

void SoLightPath::pop (void)

Pops off the last child.

void SoLightPath::setTail (const intchildindex)

Sets the tail of the path.

SoNode * SoLightPath::getTail (void) const

Returns the tail node of the path. Uses getNode().

SoNode * SoLightPath::getHead (void) const

Returns the head node.

SoNode * SoLightPath::getNode (const intindex) const

Returns the indexth node in path.

int SoLightPath::getIndex (const intindex) const

Returns the child index of the indexth node in the path.

int SoLightPath::getFullLength (void) const

Returns the length of the path.

void SoLightPath::truncate (const intstartindex)

Truncates the path from startindex.

void SoLightPath::makeTempPath (SoTempPath *path) const

Updates path to be the same path as this path.


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