sow(1) command line interface for the Hoe gem creation helper library


sow [options] project_name


sow is a command-line interface for hoe.

hoe is a rake/rubygems helper for Rakefiles. It helps you manage, maintain, and release your project and includes a dynamic plug-in system allowing for easy extensibility. The included plug-ins help with your usual project tasks, including rdoc generation, testing, packaging, deployment, and announcement. Many third-party plug-ins are also available.


-t, --trunk
Add project to project_name/trunk/
-d, --dev
Add project to project_name/dev/
-s style, --style style
Use the template style
-h, --help
Show a help message similar to this page.


sow and hoe were created by Ryan Davis.

This page was written for the Debian project be can be used by others.