sparkformat(1) pretty-prints SPARK annotations


sparkformat [OPTIONS] [ FILE_LIST or @METAFILE ]


This manual page only summarises the sparkformat command-line flags, please refer to the full SPARKFormat manual for further information.


These options do not quite follow the usual GNU command line syntax. All options start with a single dash instead of the usual two and they can also be abbreviated, as long as the abbreviation is unique. For example -expand can be abbreviated to -expa but not -exp as this clashes with -export_indent.
Display command-line help.
Display version information.
-add_modes, -noadd_modes
Add modes to unmoded global variables. By default we do not do this.
Select alternative annotation character. The default is '#'.
-compress, -expand
Comress or expand the dependency relations. The default is to compress.
When used in conjunction with -add_modes, force global variables of functions to the specified default function mode. The available default function modes are 'in_mode' and 'unmoded', and may be abbreviated to 'i' and 'u' respectively.
-export_indent=MODE, -global_indent=MODE, -import_indent=MODE, -inherit_indent=MODE, -initialization_indent=MODE, -own_indent=MODE, -separator_indent=MODE, -properties_indent=MODE
Specifies the degree of indentation from '--#' or keeps them inline (the default). MODE can be either a number or 'inline'.


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