spatialite_osm_map(1) load OSM-XML maps into a SpatiaLite DB


spatialite_osm_map [-h] [-o pathname] [-d pathname] [-cs num] [-m] [-n] [-jo]


spatialite_osm_map is a tool for loading OSM-XML maps into a SpatiaLite DB.


-h, --help
show help message
-o pathname, --osm-path pathname
the OSM-XML file path

both OSM-XML (*.osm) and OSM-ProtoBuf (*.osm.pbf) are indifferently supported.

-d pathname, --db-path pathname
the SpatiaLite DB path
-cs num, --cache-size num
DB cache size (how many pages)
-m, --in-memory
using IN-MEMORY database
-n, --no-spatial-index
suppress R*Tree generation
-jo, --journal-off
unsafe (but faster) mode