spatialite_xml_collapse(1) simplify any DB-file created by spatialite_xml_load(1)


spatialite_xml_collapse [-h] [-d pathname] [-dd] [-nl num] [-jo] [-cs num] [-m]


spatialite_xml_collapse is intended to simplify (by collapsing any not strictly required ramification) any DB-file created by spatialite_xml_load(1).

Collapsing a DB-file is a final irreversible operation.


-h, --help
show help message
-d pathname, --db-path pathname
the SpatiaLite DB path
-dd, --delete-duplicates
remove all duplicate rows except one
-nl num, --nl-level num
tree-level for table-names (default: 0)
-jo, --journal-off
unsafe [but faster] mode
-cs num, --cache-size num
DB cache size (how many pages)
-m, --in-memory
using IN-MEMORY database