spectre(1) WebGUI's workflow and scheduling.


spectre {--daemon | --start | --run} [--debug]
spectre --shutdown | --stop
spectre --ping
spectre --status
spectre --test
spectre --help


S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is the Supervisor of Perplexing Event-handling Contraptions for Triggering Relentless Executions. It triggers WebGUI's workflow and scheduling functions.

Spectre's configuration file, spectre.conf, is located under the WebGUI filesystem hierarchy.

Starts the Spectre server forking as a background daemon. This can be done by hand, but it is usually handled by a startup script.
Starts Spectre in the foreground without forking as a daemon.
If this option is specified at startup either in --daemon or --run mode, Spectre will provide verbose debug to standard output so that you can see exactly what it's doing.
Stops the running Spectre server.
Pings Spectre to see if it is alive. If Spectre is alive, you'll get confirmation with a message like

    Spectre is alive!

If Spectre doesn't seem to be alive, you'll get a message like

    Spectre is not responding.
    Unable to connect to <IP-address>:<Port>

where IP-address is the IP address and Port is the port number where Spectre should be listening for connections on according to spectre.conf.

Alias for --daemon.
Shows a summary of Spectre's internal status. The summary contains a tally of suspended, waiting and running WebGUI Workflows.
Alias for --shutdown.
Tests whether Spectre can connect to WebGUI. Both Spectre and the Apache server running WebGUI must be running for this option to work. It will test the connection between every site and Spectre, by looking for configuration files in WebGUI's configuration directory, showing success or failure in each case.
Shows this documentation, then exits.


Copyright 2001-2009 Plain Black Corporation.