spellintian(1) simple spellchecker based on Lintian's data files


spellintian [--picky] [text-file...]


The spellintian command parses one or more text files for spelling mistakes. It uses the same spellcheck algorithm and data set as lintian.

If no file is specified on the command line, this command expects its input on stdin.


Also use the ``picky'' data set on top of the regular spelling data set. The ``picky'' data set also includes a lot of capitalization related rules (like spelling ``Debian'' with an uppercase ``D'').

Note however that these checks can have false positives. As an example, consider the following those uses of Python ``the python binary'' (e.g. /usr/bin/python) and ``the Python language''. The --picky option will unconditionally flag the use of ``python'' in the first case as bad despite being correct.

-h, --help
Display usage information and exit.
Print a version banner and exit.


Niels Thykier <[email protected]> (wrote the manpage)

Jakub Wilk <[email protected]> (wrote the program)