spmdisp(8) generate messages


spmdisp options


Spmdisp generates messages as required by spshed(8) in response to the mail or write completion or attention options of gspl-pr(1) and equivalents.

By default, it uses the system basic mailer to dispose of mail options, spwrite(8) to send messages to users' terminals and dosspwrite(8) to send messages to Windows PCs.

The messages are generated by spmdisp from the system message file, which by default is int-config.

The program to be used in each case may be overridden by assignments to the environment variables "MAILER", "WRITER" and "DOSWRITER", most conveniently in the master configuration file gnuspool.conf. The program (or shell script) to be run in each case should take data on standard input and the relevant user name as the first argument, and will run under the identity "spooler".

These variables may also be set on a per-user basis by assignment in a ".gnuspool" file located in a user's home directory. The user may also specify an alternative message file by assignment to the variable "SYSMESG". These programs or scripts will be run under the identity of the user, typically the owner of the job to be run.

The interface (options etc) are internal to GNUspool and are not documented here.


int-config message file

~/.gnuspool user's home directory


alternative write to PC program or script.
alternative mail results program or script.
alternative write results program or script.
alternative location for help file directory.
alternative message file location (relative to user's home directory if need be).


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John M Collins, Xi Software Ltd.