springsettings(6) GUI to configure Spring options and settings


springsettings [-nc|--no-crash-handler] [-cl|--console-logging] [-gl|--gui-logging] [-l|--log-verbosity NUM]

springsettings [-h|--help]


springsettings is a GUI to configure spring options and settings.

Spring is a free Real Time Strategy (RTS) game engine originally designed to play Total Annihilation (© 1997 Cavedog) content and evolved to a general rts engine capable to run different kind of games (mods).

It is mainly designed around online multiplayer games but can be played in single player mode against different AI.


-h, --help

Prints the options help message and exits.

-nc, --no-crash-handler

Don't use the crash handler (useful for debugging)

-cl, --console-logging

Shows application log to the console(if available)

-gl, --gui-logging

Enables application log window

-l, --log-verbosity=NUM

Overrides default logging verbosity, can be:

0 - no log
1 - critical errors
2 - errors
3 - warnings (default)
4 - messages
5 - function trace



Contain the path used by spring to look for configurations.


More information about the spring can be found on


springsettings was written by the springlobby developers.

This manual page was written by Marco Amadori <m[blue][email protected]m[][1]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).