sqitchcommands(3) List of common sqitch commands


  sqitch [--plan-file <file>] [--engine <engine>] [--top-dir <dir> ]
         [--extension <ext>] [--registry <registry>] [--etc-path]
         [--quiet] [--verbose] [--version]
         <command> [<command-options>] [<args>]

Common Commands

The most commonly used sqitch commands are:

  add        Add a new change to the plan
  bundle     Bundle a Sqitch project for distribution
  checkout   Revert, checkout another VCS branch, and re-deploy changes
  config     Get and set local, user, or system options
  deploy     Deploy changes to a database
  engine     Manage database engine configuration
  help       Display help information about Sqitch commands
  init       Initialize a project
  log        Show change logs for a database
  plan       Show the contents of a plan
  rebase     Revert and redeploy database changes
  revert     Revert changes from a database
  rework     Duplicate a change in the plan and revise its scripts
  show       Show information about changes and tags, or change script contents
  status     Show the current deployment status of a database
  tag        Add or list tags in the plan
  target     Manage target database configuration
  upgrade    Upgrade the registry to the current version
  verify     Verify changes to a database

See "sqitch help <command>" or "sqitch help <concept>" to read about a specific command or concept.