SquareBorderTextured(3) An implementation of square with variable border glyph.



struct TreeCache

Public Member Functions

SquareBorderTextured (GlyphContext *gc=NULL)

virtual ~SquareBorderTextured ()

virtual void getIncludeBoundingBox (BoundingBox &boundingBox)

virtual void draw (node n, float lod)

virtual Coord getAnchor (const Coord &vector) const

Protected Types

typedef stdext::hash_map< node, int > mapNodeLevel_t

typedef stdext::hash_map< Graph *, TreeCache > mapGraphCache_t

Protected Member Functions

node findRoot (node n)

bool initializeNewGraph (Graph *, node)

void unInitializeNewGraph (Graph *)

void drawSquare (node n, float borderSize)

int attributeNodeLevel (node n, int depth, mapNodeLevel_t &mapnodelevel)

void setTulipGLState (node n)

float calcBorderSum (int level)

void generateTexture (Graph *)

virtual void addNode (Graph *, const node)

virtual void addEdge (Graph *, const edge)

virtual void delNode (Graph *, const node)

virtual void delEdge (Graph *, const edge)

virtual void destroy (Graph *)

Protected Attributes

mapGraphCache_t mapTree

Detailed Description

  • An implementation of square with variable border glyph.

This glyph is an implementation of a square with a variable border. The size of the border depend on the depth of the node, decreasing from the root.


Julien Testut, Antony Durand, Pascal Ollier, Yashvin Nababsing, Sebastien Leclerc, Ruchon Thibault, Eric Dauchier, University Bordeaux I France

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef stdext::hash_map<Graph*, TreeCache> SquareBorderTextured::mapGraphCache_t [protected]

typedef stdext::hash_map<node, int> SquareBorderTextured::mapNodeLevel_t [protected]

Member Data Documentation

mapGraphCache_t SquareBorderTextured::mapTree [protected]


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