stag-handle(1) streams a stag file through a handler into a writer


stag-handle -w itext -c myfile.xml > processed.itext
stag-handle -w itext -p My::Parser -m My::Handler myfile.xml > processed.itext


will take a Stag compatible format (xml, sxpr or itext), turn the data into an event stream passing it through


shows this document
-module|m PERLMODULE
A module that is used to transform the input events the module should inherit from Data::Stag::BaseHandler
-unit|u NODE_NAME
(you should always use this option if you specify -m)

this is the unit that gets passed to the handler/transformer. this will get set automatically if you use the the -c, -s or -t options

multiple units can be set

  -u foo -u bar -u boz
-writer|w WRITER
writer for final transformed tree; can be xml, sxpr or itext
-module|m MODULE
perl modules for handling events
-codefile|c FILE
a file containing a perlhashref containing event handlers - see below
-sub|s PERL
a perl hashref containing handlers


  unix> cat
    person => sub {
        my ($self, $person) = @_;
        $person->set_fullname($person->get_firstname . ' ' .
    address => sub {
        my ($self, $address) = @_;
        # remove addresses altogether from processed file