startpar-upstart-inject(8) notify startpar of started/stopped upstart jobs


startpar-upstart-inject job-name instance [started|stopped]


startpar-upstart-inject is a helper command for notifying startpar whenever an upstart job has started or stopped. It allows startpar to run in a manner compatible with upstart-based systems, where many/most jobs are started directly by upstart and not by startpar. In this scenario, startpar must be notified whenever an upstart job has started so that it can run the init scripts for services that declare a dependency on that job.


The startpar-upstart-inject command takes three arguments, all of which are mandatory.
The name of the upstart job. Normally this will match the name of a script in the /etc/init.d directory.
The instance of the upstart job, if any; otherwise, an empty string. This is currently ignored by startpar, which has no concept of service instances.
The single word started or stopped which indicates whether the listed job has been started or stopped.


upstart job which invokes startpar-upstart-inject each time another upstart job starts


Written by Steve Langasek <[email protected]>


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