std::__detail::_RangeMatcher< _InIterT(3) _TraitsT >


Public Types

typedef _TraitsT::char_type _CharT

typedef std::basic_string< _CharT > _StringT

Public Member Functions

_RangeMatcher (bool __is_non_matching, const _TraitsT &__t=_TraitsT())

void _M_add_char (_CharT __c)

void _M_add_character_class (const _StringT &__s)

void _M_add_collating_element (const _StringT &__s)

void _M_add_equivalence_class (const _StringT &__s)

void _M_make_range ()

bool operator() (const _PatternCursor &__pc) const

Public Attributes

bool _M_is_non_matching

const _TraitsT & _M_traits

Detailed Description

template<typename _InIterT, typename _TraitsT>struct std::__detail::_RangeMatcher< _InIterT, _TraitsT >

Matches a character range (bracket expression)

Definition at line 152 of file regex_nfa.h.


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