std::scoped_allocator_adaptor< _OuterAlloc(3) _InnerAllocs >


Inherits _OuterAlloc.

Public Types

typedef __traits::const_pointer const_pointer

typedef __traits::const_void_pointer const_void_pointer

typedef __traits::difference_type difference_type

typedef __inner_type::__type inner_allocator_type

typedef _OuterAlloc outer_allocator_type

typedef __traits::pointer pointer

typedef conditional< __any_of< __propagate_on_copy, _OuterAlloc, _InnerAllocs... >::value, true_type, false_type >::type propagate_on_container_copy_assignment

typedef conditional< __any_of< __propagate_on_move, _OuterAlloc, _InnerAllocs... >::value, true_type, false_type >::type propagate_on_container_move_assignment

typedef conditional< __any_of< __propagate_on_swap, _OuterAlloc, _InnerAllocs... >::value, true_type, false_type >::type propagate_on_container_swap

typedef __traits::size_type size_type

typedef __traits::value_type value_type

typedef __traits::void_pointer void_pointer

Public Member Functions

template<typename _Outer2 > scoped_allocator_adaptor (_Outer2 &&__outer, const _InnerAllocs &...__inner)

scoped_allocator_adaptor (const scoped_allocator_adaptor &__other)

scoped_allocator_adaptor (scoped_allocator_adaptor &&__other)

template<typename _Outer2 > scoped_allocator_adaptor (const scoped_allocator_adaptor< _Outer2, _InnerAllocs... > &__other)

template<typename _Outer2 > scoped_allocator_adaptor (scoped_allocator_adaptor< _Outer2, _InnerAllocs... > &&__other)

pointer allocate (size_type __n)

pointer allocate (size_type __n, const_void_pointer __hint)

template<typename _Tp , typename... _Args> void construct (_Tp *__p, _Args &&...__args)

template<typename _T1 , typename _T2 , typename... _Args1, typename... _Args2> void construct (pair< _T1, _T2 > *__p, piecewise_construct_t, tuple< _Args1... > __x, tuple< _Args2... > __y)

template<typename _T1 , typename _T2 > void construct (pair< _T1, _T2 > *__p)

template<typename _T1 , typename _T2 , typename _Up , typename _Vp > void construct (pair< _T1, _T2 > *__p, _Up &&__u, _Vp &&__v)

template<typename _T1 , typename _T2 , typename _Up , typename _Vp > void construct (pair< _T1, _T2 > *__p, const pair< _Up, _Vp > &__x)

template<typename _T1 , typename _T2 , typename _Up , typename _Vp > void construct (pair< _T1, _T2 > *__p, pair< _Up, _Vp > &&__x)

void deallocate (pointer __p, size_type __n)

template<typename _Tp > void destroy (_Tp *__p)

inner_allocator_type & inner_allocator () noexcept

const inner_allocator_type & inner_allocator () const noexcept

size_type max_size () const

scoped_allocator_adaptor & operator= (const scoped_allocator_adaptor &)=default

scoped_allocator_adaptor & operator= (scoped_allocator_adaptor &&)=default

outer_allocator_type & outer_allocator () noexcept

const outer_allocator_type & outer_allocator () const noexcept

scoped_allocator_adaptor select_on_container_copy_construction () const


template<typename _Outer , typename... _Inner> class scoped_allocator_adaptor

template<typename... > class __inner_type_impl

template<typename _OutA1 , typename _OutA2 , typename... _InA> bool operator== (const scoped_allocator_adaptor< _OutA1, _InA... > &__a, const scoped_allocator_adaptor< _OutA2, _InA... > &__b) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename _OuterAlloc, typename... _InnerAllocs>

class std::scoped_allocator_adaptor< _OuterAlloc, _InnerAllocs >" Primary class template.

Definition at line 95 of file scoped_allocator.


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