stg-status(1) Show the tree status


stg status [options] [<files or dirs>]


Show the status of the whole working copy or the given files. The command also shows the files in the current directory which are not under revision control. The files are prefixed as follows:

M - locally modified
N - newly added to the repository
D - deleted from the repository
C - conflict
? - unknown

An stg refresh command clears the status of the modified, new and deleted files.


-m, --modified

Show modified files only.

-n, --new

Show new files only.

-d, --deleted

Show deleted files only.

-c, --conflict

Show conflict files only.

-u, --unknown

Show unknown files only.

-x, --noexclude

Do not exclude any files from listing.


Reset the current tree changes.


Part of the StGit suite - see linkman:stg[1]