checks if a file in the backup is missing or corrupted

SYNOPSIS -c backupDir [-v level] [-p number] [-i]


This program calculates md5 sums from the files in the backup and compares them with md5 sums stored by It so will recognize, if a file in the backup is missing or currupted. It only checks plain files, not special files or symbolic links.


    print configuration parameters and stop
--checkDir, -c
    backup or top of backups to check
--backupRoot, -b
    root of storeBackup tree, normally not needed
--verbose, -v
    generate statistics
--parJobs, -p
    number of parallel jobs, default = chosen automatically
-i, <--includeRenamedBackups>
    include renamed backups into the check
    renamed backups must follow the convention <backupDir>-<something>


Copyright (c) 2008-2012 by Heinz-Josef Claes (see README) Published under the GNU General Public License v3 or any later version