recovers files saved with

SYNOPSIS -r restore [-b root] -t targetDir [--flat]
[-o] [--tmpdir] [--noHardLinks] [-p number] [-v] [-n]
[--cpIsGnu] [--noGnuCp]


--restoreTree, -r
    file or (part of) the tree to restore
    when restoring a file, the file name in the backup has
    to be used (eg. with compression suffix)
--backupRoot, -b
    root of storeBackup tree, normally not needed
--targetDir, -t
    directory for unpacking
    do not create subdirectories
--overwrite, -o
    overwrite existing files
--tmpdir, -T
    directory for temporary file, default is <$tmpdir>
    do not reconstruct hard links in restore tree
--noRestoreParallel, -p
    max no of paralell programs to unpack, default is 12
    reduce this number if you are restoring blocked files
    and the system has insufficient RAM
--verbose, -v
    print verbose messages
--noRestored, -n
    print number of restored dirs, hardlinks, symlinks, files, ...
    overwrite information in backup: you do not have gnucp
    (only relevant for sockets, block and character devices)


Copyright (c) 2002-2009,2012 by Heinz-Josef Claes (see README). Published under the GNU General Public License v3 or any later version