stringprep_utf8_to_ucs4(3) API function


#include <stringprep.h>

uint32_t * stringprep_utf8_to_ucs4(const char * str, ssize_t len, size_t * items_written);


const char * str
a UTF-8 encoded string
ssize_t len
the maximum length of str to use. If len < 0, then the string is nul-terminated.
size_t * items_written
location to store the number of characters in the result, or NULL.


Convert a string from UTF-8 to a 32-bit fixed width representation as UCS-4. The function now performs error checking to verify that the input is valid UTF-8 (before it was documented to not do error checking).

Return value: a pointer to a newly allocated UCS-4 string. This value must be deallocated by the caller.


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Copyright © 2002-2015 Simon Josefsson.
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