stripserver(1) Strip a server from hardware related packages and files


stripserver [OPTIONS] --hostname x --domain y.z --ip


This program strips a server directory from packages and files that is hardware related. This means that you can copy a complete filesystem to a vserver directory and then use this tool to strip the hardware related things from it. It only works with Debian servers though.


        -h, --help              this help

        -V, --version           copyright and version information
        --copy-vreboot          install ``vreboot/vshutdown/vhalt''
        --no-copy-vreboot       don't install ``vreboot/vshutdown/vhalt''
        --dist                  Deprecated option.
        --fakeinit              use ``/sbin/init'' to boot vserver
        --conffile              extra configuration file to load.
        --interface             interface for IP addresses (if not ``eth0'')
        --sshkeys               copy pub-keys to ``/root/.ssh/authorized_keys''
        -v, --verbose           show extra output during setup
        --vsroot                location of ``/vserver/'' directory
Required:         --hostname              hostname for new vserver (eg. ``alpha'')
        --domain                dns domain for new vserver (eg. ``'')
        --ip                    IPv4 address for new vserver


The following variables can be set in a configuration file. The configuration file is a normal shell file and is sourced to get the configuration variables.

Packages to install in addition to the base defaults MUST INCLUDE ALL DEPENDENCIES (seperated by ``,'' commas)


Packages installed from within the vserver after it has been setup (seperated by ``,'' commas) EXTRA_PACKAGES=``package1,package2''

Packages to remove from the base defaults (seperated by ``,'' commas) REMOVE_PACKAGES=``package1,package2''

Sysvinit services relating to hardware access to remove REMOVE_LINKS=``klogd setserial urandom networking umountfs halt reboot''

Default network interface for vservers: INTERFACE=``eth0''

Copy vreboot/vhalt/vshutdown utility into /usr/local/sbin/ COPY_VREBOOT=``true''


Author of the manual page is Ola Lundqvist <[email protected]>