subdownloader(1) the subtitle downloader


subdownloader [-h] [--help] [-g] [--gui] [-c] [--cli] [-d] [--debug] [-q] [--quiet] [-T] [--test] [-H] [--human] [-n] [--nerd] [-D] [--download] [-U] [--upload] [-L] [--list] [-V < path >] [--video=< path >] [-l < language >] [--lang=< language >] [-i] [--interactive] [--sol] [--los] [-u < username >] [--user=< username >] [-p < password >] [--passwd=< password >] [-s < address >] [--server=< address >] [-P < address >] [--proxy=< address >] [--version]


SubDownloader is a Free Open Source tool written in Python for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,etc) and DVD's using fast hashing.


-h --help
Show SubDownloader command-line options.

-g, --gui

Run application in GUI mode. This is the default.

-c, --cli

Run application in CLI mode.

-d, --debug

Print debug messages to stout and logfile.

-q, --quiet

Don't print status messages to stdout.

-T, --test

Used by developers for testing.

-H, --human

Print human readable messages. Default for CLI mode.

-n, --nerd

Print messages with more details.

-D, --download

Download a subtitle. Default for CLI mode.

-U, --upload

Upload a subtitle.

-L, --list

List available subtitles without downloading.

-V path , --video= path

Full path to your video(s). Don't use '~'.

-l language , --lang= language

Used in subtitle download and upload preferences.

-i, --interactive

Prompt user when decisions need to be done.


Rename subtitles to match movie file name


Keep original subtitle names


'Server Over Local' overwrites local subtitle with one from server. This is in cases when local subtitle isn't found on server, but server has subtitles for the movie.


'Local Over Server' keeps local subtitles, even if another is found on server. This is the default.

-u username , --user= username username. Must be set in upload mode. Default is blank (anonymous).

-p password , --passwd= password password. Must be set in upload mode. Default is blank (anonymous).

-s address , --server= address

Server address of Opensubtitles API.

-P address , --proxy= proxy

Proxy to use on internet connections.


Show program's version number and exit.


Ivan Garcia <[email protected]>

Marco Ferreira <[email protected]>

Marco Rodrigues <[email protected]>