sup-import-dump(1) import message state dump to Sup index


sup-import-dump [options] dumpfile


Imports message state previously exported by sup-dump into the index. sup-import-dump operates on the index only, so the messages must have already been added using sup-sync. If you need to recreate the index, see sup-sync --restore instead.

Messages not mentioned in the dump file will not be modified.


-v, --verbose
Print message ids as they're processed
-i, --ignore-missing
Silently skip over messages that are not in the index
-w, --warn-missing
Warn about messages that are not in the index, but continue
-a, --abort-missing
Abort on encountering messages that are not in the index (default)
-t, --atomic
Use transaction to apply all changes atomically
-n, --dry-run
Don't actually modify the index. Probably only useful with --verbose
Show version information
-h, --help
Show help message


You are welcome to submit bug reports to the Sup issue tracker, located at



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