svn-all-fast-export(1) tool to convert svn repositories into git


svn-all-fast-export [options] [Path to subversion repository]


svn-all-fast-export is a tool to convert your svn repositories to git.

You will need to have a copy of your svn repository and to write some rules to specify how the conversion will be done, for instance, you can manage how the tags and branches will be managed writing the appropriate rules. You have examples in /usr/share/doc/svn-all-fast-export/examples

Path to subversion repository is a backup copy of the subversion repository. Note that an svn url will not work due to the undistributed nature of svn.


Provide map between svn username and email. You can provide a file mapping the old svn accounts to the authors names. This file must have a line per each svn account, you can use either the svn-all-fast-export native format:
janesvnaccountname Jane Doe <[email protected]>
or the git-svn format:
janesvnaccountname = Jane Doe <[email protected]>
Provide a file with revisions numbers that should be processed. This file should have one revision number per line.
The rules file that determines what goes where. See /usr/share/doc/svn-all-fast-export/examples for further details.
If passed, each git commit will have svn commit info.
Start importing at svn revision number.
Stop importing at svn revision number.
Don't actually write anything.
Print what rule is being used for each file.
--commit-interval number
If passed the cache will be flushed to git every number of commits.
After a run, print some statistics.
Use the content of SVN when creating branches, Note: SVN tags are branches as well.
-h, --help
Show summary of options.
-v, --version
Show version of program.


This program returns 0 on success, on error something else (numbers in base 10):
10 unrecognized option or missing argument

11 no rules file specified


All matching rules need to end with a '/', else the tool will crash at some point. The only exception are the rules using the recurse-action.


svn-all-fast-export was written by Thiago Macieira and Thomas Zander.