SVN(3) Access to the Embperl SVN development tree

SVN Access

The Embperl development tree lives on the machine This tree contains the latest Embperl bug fixes and developments that have not made it to CPAN yet. Welcome to the bleeding edge.

Just like SVN access to the Apache development tree, the Embperl code pulled from SVN is not guaranteed to do anything, especially not compile or work. But - that's exactly why we are using SVN - so that everyone has access the latest version and can help ensure that Embperl does compile and work on all platforms, with the various versions and configurations of Perl and Apache, once it is really supposed to. Patches are always welcome. Simply testing the latest snapshots is just as (if not even more) helpful.

Anonymous Subversion

To access the Subversion repositories anonymously, you will need a Subversion client. You can also browse the ASF projects that are using Subversion with a Webbroswer via

Embperl can be found at the URL

To check it out use

  svn checkout embperl

To keep it up to date go into the embperl directory and run

  svn up

For more help on using Subversion, consult the Subversion website ( or Subversion book ( The web site provides a list of clients and useful links (


As mentioned above you can browser the svn repository directly with a webbrowser at

A more confortable way is to use


A snapshot is rolled off the Embperl tree every 6 hours and placed here:

Embperl 1.x

There is no further development in the Embperl 1.x branch, but case it will become necessary you can access the Embperl 1.x code via the branch ep1, so when you checkout just run

    svn checkout


There is a SVN mailing list for Embperl (This is SVN - not a list for asking questions about Embperl!!!). This list receives all changes which are committed to the SVN. If you want to know what's going on which Embperl, you can subscribe by sending a mail to [email protected] with subscribe in the body.

Building from SVN sources

Before you can build Embperl from sources that are checked out from the SVN, you need to generate some glue code. This is done by the module ExtUtils::XSBuilder, so you need to install it first from CPAN. When it's installed run:

    perl xsbuilder/
    perl xsbuilder/
    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install