svnweb-server(1) simple webserver for SVN::Web


svnweb-server [--root DIR] [--port PORT] [--net-server Net::Server]


svnweb-server is a webserver that runs SVN::Web. It's an easy way to use SVN::Web without having to set up Apache (or any other web server). The tradeoff is that the server is very simple. But for light use then it may be perfectly acceptable.


--root DIR
The directory in which you ran "svnweb-install".

Optional, defaults to ".".

--port PORT
The port the server should listen on.

Options, defaults to 8080.

--net-server Net::Server
The Net::Server subclass to use to create the server. A single, non-forking server is created by default. Other types of server can be created by giving the correct Net::Server subclass. For example, to use a server that forks to handle each request, use "--net-server Net::Server::Fork".


This is a simple server. Accordingly, a few features do not work properly at the moment.
SVN::Web::Browse will redirect the client if the URL is missing a trailing "/". That redirection does not work with this server. That's not an issue for any URLs generated by SVN::Web, but may be an issue for URLs that are entered by hand.

This will also affect SVN::Web::List's "redirect_to_browse_when_one_repo" option.

The "cgi_class" declaration (if any) in config.yaml is ignored. CGI is always used as the CGI class.

Please report any bugs or feature requests to "[email protected]", or through the web interface at <>. I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


The current maintainer is Nik Clayton, <[email protected]>.


Copyright 2006-2007 Nik Clayton. All Rights Reserved.