Swagger2::SchemaValidator(3) Sub class of JSON::Validator


This class is used to validate Swagger specification. It is a sub class of JSON::Validator and adds some extra functionality specific for Swagger2.


Swagger2::SchemaValidator inherits all attributes from JSON::Validator.


Swagger support the same formats as Swagger2::SchemaValidator, but adds the following to the set:
  • byte

    A padded, base64-encoded string of bytes, encoded with a URL and filename safe alphabet. Defined by RFC4648.

  • date

    An RFC3339 date in the format YYYY-MM-DD

  • double

    Cannot test double values with higher precision then what the ``number'' type already provides.

  • float

    Will always be true if the input is a number, meaning there is no difference between ``float'' and ``double''. Patches are welcome.

  • int32

    A signed 32 bit integer.

  • int64

    A signed 64 bit integer. Note: This check is only available if Perl is compiled to use 64 bit integers.


Swagger2::SchemaValidator inherits all attributes from JSON::Validator.


This method will make sure ``readOnly'' is taken into account, when validating data sent to your API.


Copyright (C) 2014-2015, Jan Henning Thorsen

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