swfextract(1) a tool for extracting data out of swf files.


swfextract [options] [file.swf]


swfextracts allows one to extract swf movieclips and objects out of swf files.

SWF files are animation files which can be displayed in Web Browsers using the Flash Plugin.


-h, --help
Print short help message and exit
-o, --output filename
Write output to file filename
-V, --version
Print version info and exit
-i, --id ids
ids is a range of IDs to extract. E.g. 1-10,14
-j, --jpegs ids
ids is a range of JPEG IDs to extract. E.g. 1-2,3,14-
-p, --pngs ids
ids is a range of PNG IDs to extract. E.g. -10,20-30
-f, --frame frames
frames is a range of frames to extract. E.g. 1-10,20-30,40-
-n, --name name
Set the name of the object to extract to name.
-w, --hollow
Copy empty frames to the output file, too.
-P, --placeobject
Copy original placeobject tag for the given object into the output file (Use with -i). This means that the object is at the same position in the generated movie as in the original movie.
-j, --jpegs range
Extract jpeg pictures in range
-p, --pngs range
Extract png pictures in range
-m, --mp3
Extract main mp3 stream (There may be substreams in the Movieclips, as well. To extract these, first extract the Movieclips with -i and then use -m)


Matthias Kramm <[email protected]>