SWF::MovieClip(3) MovieClip Class


use SWF::MovieClip;
my $movieclip = new SWF::MovieClip();


SWF::MovieClip allows you to add animated objects to your Flash movies.


$mc= new SWF::MovieClip()
Returns an SWF::MovieClip object.
$item = $mc->add($swfobject)
When you add following types of objects to the $mc they will return a SWF::DisplayItem:
SWF::PrebuiltClip (a whole external swf file)
SWF::MovieClip (you can nest them like a tree)

[ToDo: to be verified: When you add a SWF::Sound the return value is a SWF::SoundInstance: $si = $mc->add($sound); ]

$si = $mc->startSound($sound)
Starts making noise and returns an object of SWF::SoundInstance class.
Stops sound started by startSound() method.
Removes SWF::DisplayItem $di from the display list.
Move to the next frame in the timeline of SWF::MovieClip $mc
Sets total number of $mc frames to $i This is an optional autofiller, e.g. when you want to be sure that 2 different movieclips have 100 frames when playing, but the number of nextFrame() calls in these 2 movieclips is unknown or dynamic (dependent on data from databases, whatever). By default a movieclip the number of frames in the timeline is how often you called $mc->nextFrame for this clip.
Sets frame name to $name. You are then able to access this frame by name in ActionScript, not just by frame number.
$mc->setScalingGrid($x, $y, $w, $h)
This function (available from SWF>=8) sets a 9 slice scaling grid: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X, y, w and h define a rectangle, which is the dimension of the center slice (5). All other slices are determined out of the characters bounds and the defined rect. While slice 5 is scaled vertical and horizontal, slice 2 and 8 are only scaled horizontal. Slice 4 and 6 only vertical. The 4 corner slices are not scaled (1, 3, 7, 9). [ToDo: to be verified]
Removes scaling grid rectangles.
Adds an initial ActionScript block to MovieClip $mc. These actions are executed before the MovieClip is available as a script object. [ToDo: to be verified]
$mc->setSoundStream($sound, $rate, [$skip])
Includes streaming sound to a movie. [ToDo: add more doc and a demo here.]


Soheil Seyfaie ([email protected]) Peter Liscovius

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