SWF::SoundInstance(3) SWF Sound Instance class


use SWF::Sound;
use SWF::SoundInstance;
$sound = new SWF::Sound("test.mp3");
$snd_instance = $movie->startSound($sound);


SWF::SoundStream is a helper class useful for setting information about a sound instance. There is no constructor method, SWF::SoundStream objects are available only thru:
startSound() method of SWF::Movie,
startSound() method of SWF::MovieClip,
addSound() method of SWF::Button.


Prohibits starting sound if sound is already playing.
Sets the loop start $point counted in samples.
Sets the loop's last sample to play.
Sets loop count. The default value is 1 loop.
$snd_instance->addEnvelope($mark44, $left, $right)
Adds a SoundEnvelope to event sound. Parameters are $mark44, the Position in 44khz samples, and volumes both for left and right stereo channel. Next example will mute the right channel:



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