SWF::Sprite(3) Sprite (MovieClip) Class


use SWF::Sprite;
my $sprite = new SWF::Sprite();


SWF::Sprite allows you to add animated objects to your Fash movies. You may use SWF::MovieClip instead of SWF::Sprite (i.e. SWF::Sprite inherits all it's methods from SWF::MovieClip). In other words: SWF::Sprite is deprecated! Do NOT use anymore.


new SWF::Sprite();
Returns an SWF::Sprite object.
$displayItem = $sprite->add($s);
Add $s to the $sprite object and returns an SWF::DisplayItem object, i.e. $displayItem . $s may be an SWF::Shape, SWF::Text, SWF::Button, or another sprite object.
Removes $displayItem from the display list.
Move to the next frame of the animation.
Sets total number of $sprite frames to $i
Sets frame name to $name


Soheil Seyfaie ([email protected]).