swift-get-nodes(1) Openstack-swift get-nodes tool


swift-get-nodes  <ring.gz> <account> [<container> [<object>]]


The swift-get-nodes tool can be used to find out the location where a particular account, container or object item is located within the swift cluster nodes. For example, if you have the account hash and a container name that belongs to that account, you can use swift-get-nodes to lookup where the container resides by using the container ring.


$ swift-get-nodes /etc/swift/account.ring.gz MyAccount-12ac01446be2

Account MyAccount-12ac01446be2
Container None
Object None

Partition 221082
Hash d7e6ba68cfdce0f0e4ca7890e46cacce

Server:Port Device sdd
Server:Port Device sdr
Server:Port Device sde
Server:Port Device sdv [Handoff]

curl -I -XHEAD
curl -I -XHEAD
curl -I -XHEAD
curl -I -XHEAD # [Handoff]

ssh ls -lah /srv/node/sdd/accounts/221082/cce/d7e6ba68cfdce0f0e4ca7890e46cacce/
ssh ls -lah /srv/node/sdr/accounts/221082/cce/d7e6ba68cfdce0f0e4ca7890e46cacce/
ssh ls -lah /srv/node/sde/accounts/221082/cce/d7e6ba68cfdce0f0e4ca7890e46cacce/
ssh ls -lah /srv/node/sdv/accounts/221082/cce/d7e6ba68cfdce0f0e4ca7890e46cacce/ # [Handoff]


More documentation about Openstack-Swift can be found at http://swift.openstack.org/index.html