swig(1) Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator


swig [options] file


The swig command is used to create wrapper code to connect C and C++ code to scripting languages like Perl, Python, etc. from the definition of the interface. For detailed information on writing those interface definitions please refer to /usr/share/doc/swig-doc/Manual/index.html from the swig-doc package. This manpage concentrates on explaining the invocation of the swig command.


Target Language Options:

Generate CHICKEN wrappers
Generate C# wrappers
Generate Guile wrappers
Generate Java wrappers
Generate Mzscheme wrappers
Generate Ocaml wrappers
Generate Perl wrappers.
Generate PHP wrappers
Generate Pike wrappers
Generate Python wrappers
Generate Ruby wrappers
Generate Lisp S-Expressions wrappers
Generate Tcl wrappers
Generate XML wrappers.

General Options

Enable C++ processing
Check a file out of the SWIG library
Turn on wrapping of protected members for director classes
Define a symbol symbol (for conditional compilation)
Preprocess only, does not generate wrapper code
Compile in compact mode
Compile in virtual elimination mode
Display error/warning messages in commonly used format
Display error/warning messages in Microsoft format
Show a summary of supported options and especially of supported options for the selected language.
Look for SWIG files in dir
Ignore missing include files
Follow all #include statements as imports
Follow all #include statements
Include SWIG library file ifile
List all dependencies
List dependencies, but omit files in SWIG library
Create default constructors/destructors (the default)
-module name
Set module name to name
Turn off contract checking
Do not generate constructors/destructors
Do not wrap director protected members
Do not wrap exception specifiers
Do not generate extern declarations
Do not include SWIG runtime code
-o outfile
Set name of the output file to outfile
-outdir dir
Set language specific files output directory
Make the runtime support code globally visible.
Compile in virtual elimination & compact mode
Report location of SWIG library and exit
Run in verbose mode
Print SWIG version number
Enable all warning messages
Enable warning messages for all the languages keywords
Force to treat the warnings as errors
-w n
Suppress warning number n


SWIG was originally created by David Beazley. For up-to-date information about authors and contributors please check http://www.swig.org/guilty.html. This manual page was written by Torsten Landschoff <[email protected]> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).