sy-daemon(1) starts and stops the background process (daemon)


sy daemon (start|stop|reload|restart|status|force-stop)

sy daemon list

sy daemon add <folder-path>

sy daemon remove (<folder-path> | <folder-index>)


This command manages the Syncany background process (aka the daemon). It can start and stop the daemon, display the status and reload the daemon configuration.

With the actions `list`, `add` and `remove`, the command furthermore manages the Syncany folders controlled by the daemon. Controlled folders are synced automatically when the daemon is running.

This daemon can be started with `sy daemon start`. Once it is running, all registered folders are monitored for changes and remote changes are automatically applied to the local folder(s). All of these actions happen in the background, without the need for any intervention.

The daemon is configured using the `daemon.xml` file at ~/.config/syncany/daemon.xml.


Starts the background process (if it is not already running).

Stops the background process (if it is running).

Reloads the daemon configuration without restarting the proces.

Stops, then starts the daemon again.

Displays the status and the process ID (PID) of the daemon.

Forces the process to stop. Do not use this unless absolutely necessary!

Lists the folders managed by the daemon.

add <folder-path>
Adds the given folder to the daemon configuration. The added folder will be managed by the daemon after the config has been reloaded, or the daemon is restarted.

remove (<folder-path> | <folder-index>)
Removes the given folder from the daemon configuration. The argument can either be the full path of the folder or the index of the folder (as printed by the `list` action). Changes will be applied after a restart of the daemon.


Syncany 0.4.7-alpha, Distributed under GPLv3, Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Philipp C. Heckel